Thanks! Here Are Your Spin-Ready Reviews, Articles, Components, and Training:

First, you'll want to download your spin-ready content. I create everything in ODT format.

I personally use OpenOffice writer. 

If you use another word processor, then either change the extension... or simply highlight all text, copy, and paste into your chosen program.

Access my preferred spintax tool here.

And now, your files...

In the video tutorials below, I demonstrate the basic concepts and actions that you'll want to take in order to maximize this content. Please take the time to watch the videos. Obviously, I haven't created a tutorial video for each piece of content... but the principles should cross over, so please use common sense. ;)

Please check back periodically to access any new spin-ready content I release going forward.

Let's begin...

Video 1: Your Amazon Review Tutorial:

Video 2: Your IM Course Review Tutorial:

Again, you can access my currently preferred spintax tool here.

I hope this helps you find wild success, with any current and/or future product review endeavors you happen to embark on.

Thanks so much!

- Lee