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I remember my first high-ticket commission.

I was actually hurting for cash when it happened. Truth be told, I actually earned three commissions on the same day. $1100 each.

It was for Michael Cheney's "7-Figure Franchise," which I had featured in a 3-day email series... passively. And on the third day of the series, expecting nothing, I cleared $3300 just like that.

I was so giddy, I could hardly contain myself.

Since then, I've gone on to make dozens of high-ticket commissions, and let me tell you amigo... it never gets old.

Pay Your Bills Each Month... Thanks to a Single Email!

Yep, it only takes one.

Of course, I'm giving you 30. :)

But it only takes one person to take action on just one of your emails for all of your rent, bills, gas, and groceries to be covered for the month... heck, maybe even two!

Naturally, I'm also including full list building training as well... so you can have THOUSANDS of people going through ALL 30 of your emails 24/7.

But again, it only takes one.

That said, I want you to use all 30! :)

Give yourself every possible advantage.

You never know when a single subscriber will make more than one purchase. And clearly, not every offer will resonate with every person. So spin a GIANT web, and unleash THOUSANDS of flies! 


What's Inside:

  • 30-High-Ticket Commission Emails
  • Unique, DFY Lead Capture System
  • Full Video Training System
  • Bonus TRAFFIC Training
  • All For One TINY Low Price!

This Is a REAL Opportunity!

I'm not selling (nor do I or will I ever promote) some ridiculous software designed to "create autopilot commissions with one click of a button."

If you're still buying into that nonsense, please stop immediately.

This is the type of thing that will keep you broke and frustrated forever.

If you don't believe me, please just access the logical side of your brain for a quick moment, while I spell out the reality for you...

  • Launching products is hard, time-consuming and expensive.
  • The vendors who sell these software gimmicks sacrificed A LOT to launch them.
  • They sell these gimmicks for $17-27 a pop. Not much, really.
  • If their software was really capable of generating $12,842.18 a week on total autopilot...
  • With just the click of a mouse and 100+ sources of built-in traffic...
  • Why on EARTH would they be SELLING it?
  • Would you sell your wealth-generating golden goose for 17 bucks?

High-Ticket Kit Is Different In Every Way!

For starters, it's honest. I'm completely honest with you.

Sure, gimmicks outsell stuff that really works, but I'll take the pay cut to really help you make real money online. I'd rather sleep well at night knowing that my work changed lives other than just my own.

This kit can earn you an absolute FORTUNE that keeps growing month after month, year after year. Yes, you can absolutely get rich with this email series. No question.


You've gotta meet me in the middle here... in the land of reality.

Money doesn't just fall out of the sky when you click a button on the internet. It never has. Ever. Ever. Never. Not EVER. Not ONCE. It has literally NEVER happened.

And it never will.

If you want real wealth, you've gotta take real, meaningful action.

But with "High-Ticket Kit" in your corner, this action will be WELL-REWARDED!

Remember, It Only Takes One!

If You Want Regular High-Ticket Affiliate Commissions to Be Your Reality, You Must Order Now!

What's Inside:

  • 30-High-Ticket Commission Emails
  • Unique, DFY Lead Capture System
  • Full Video Training System
  • Bonus TRAFFIC Training
  • All For One TINY Low Price!

TRUE Online Success In Just 5 Simple, Realistic Steps:

Of course, as your list size explodes, so does your income.

Think about it, if you have a list of 10,000 subscribers from whom you're able to earn $150 per email... it stands to reason that with a list of 100,000 folks you'll be able to earn $1500 per email... and with a million subs, you'll be earning $15,000 for each and every email you send!

No extra work. Just a much bigger audience.

By picking up "High-Ticket Kit" and earning income from 7 different high-ticket sources, you'll be able to build a massive list... reinvesting your ever-growing profits into more and more traffic... until you're filthy rich!

This is the real way to become wealthy online in 2021, 2022, 2023, and beyond.

I'm Wishing You All the Success and Happiness In the World!

It's so much fun having the opportunity to chat with kindred spirits.

People like you and me are constantly striving for greater freedom, prosperity, love, joy... all the good things in life. And I don't take this opportunity lightly.

I really hope I've done my job illustrating the path I've created for you.

If I didn't believe in your ability to take this system and earn yourself an absolute fortune with it, I never would have put it together and created this page.

I'm here today to serve. To help.

I sure hope you'll let me do that for you.

Get started below now...

All the best to you, my friend!

Lee Murray

100% Money Back Guarantee

money back

30 day Guarantee

Risk free

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not 100% happy with your purchase of "High-Ticket Kit," I will personally refund every penny of your investment within the first 30 days of your purchase. Simply contact me at and you will be compensated immediately.

I typically don't offer refunds on DFY content, but in this case, I am so proud of this 30-day email series (and I know that you will absolutely LOVE it) that I'm willing to make an exception.

Just know that to combat abuse, I do blacklist those who refund. This means that I won't sell to refunders again in the future. No offense intended... I just don't like enabling folks who may be gaming the system.

Thanks for understanding!

©2021 Lee Murray