Crypto Coindrop Review and Results

Crypto Coindrop ReviewI’m excited to test Crypto Coindrop with you and share my results.

My expectations are pretty high, actually, as this method really seems to have no downside. According to the Crypto Coindrop sales page, these coins are 100% free, and the work is absolutely minimal.

If just one of these coins takes off (like Dogecoin recently has), then I should be able to make a very nice income!

Of course, one never knows until one actually tries, so here goes!

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Crypto Coindrop Review – Day One:

Cryptocurrency Airdrops - Free Money is EXCITING!Okay, so I just read the book, and I must say… I’m even more excited now!

Now I will say this… the e-book is NOT the world’s easiest (or best) read. James’ spacing is odd, the paragraph structure is weird, and there is a bit too much hype and fluff.

That said, the meat and potatoes of the training is very much on point. James walks you through the exact steps you need to take, what to do, what not to do, and how much effort you can expect to put out in order to get free coins.

His strategy capitalizes on something called “airdrops,” which is really just rewards paid out to folks for completing super simple tasks, such as sharing a link on Twitter or Telegram. For literally minutes (or even seconds) of your time, you can earn free coins.

He shows you how and where to get the wallets needed to store all of your airdrop coins, as well as a few sources through which to find the airdrops.

I obviously can’t reveal too much in terms of specifics, as James certainly wants you to buy Crypto Coindrop for all of the juicy details… so as I proceed through this review, I’ll be sharing my resources in vague terms.

Anyway, it’s getting late today, and I just spent a good chunk of time reading the book.

Tomorrow, I will begin implementing.

So excited!

Crypto Coindrop Review – Day Two:

Crypto Coin Drops Require a Mobile DeviceIt’s been a couple of weeks since day one, and that’s because I went on vacation, and then lost my phone. This airdrop process is seemingly reliant upon the recipient/participant owning an active mobile device.

So I just got a new phone. Now I’m ready to party. 🙂

Remember as I go through this, I’m no more experienced with this process than you are. I’ve literally never received an airdrop in my entire life. I have no clue what I’m doing.

I’m simply following the process as laid out in the book.

(I just got distracted for a few hours, and am now too tired to proceed. Be back tomorrow.)

Crypto Coindrop Review – Day 3:

Get Crypto CoindropAlright, so I’ve set up my Google Voice, Gmail, Twitter, and Telegram accounts as instructed in the Crypto Coindrop system. I also grabbed and configured my wallet.

I’ve only installed the main (first) wallet that James recommends on page 21. I’ve not (yet) installed the other wallets he talks about. I’m not sure if they’re necessary, but I reckon I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.

Other than that, I think I’m ready for drops.

Unfortunately, I procrastinated a bit today, and it’s now nearly midnight. I’m very tired, so I’ll put off the actual airdrops until tomorrow. But I am seriously excited about this. 🙂

Tomorrow, I’ll be getting a million XCell Finance coins. Pretty sweet.

I’ll tell you all about it then.

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Talk soon.

Crypto Coindrop Review – Day 4:

Coming soon.

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