FREE Daily Crypto Review and Results!

Dave Espino Free Daily CryptoSo Dave Espino and James Renouf just launched “Free Daily Crypto,” and just like with James’ previous release, Crypto Coindrop, I’m really excited to give this one a shot.

I’m getting back into crypto after a long hiatus, as I bumbled my way (and suffered greatly) through a comedy of errors with crypto back in 2014… and then again in 2017/2018.

Luck, sadly, has not been on my side.

Quick back story, then we’ll move on with this “FREE Daily Crypto” review and results post…

In 2014, I bought James’ crypto book (the title of which I cannot recall, nor do I wish to dig it up, as it’s irrelevant at this point), in which he was very heavy on Dogecoin.

For the most part, the world laughed. Dogecoin was essentially worthless. It was based on an internet meme, for crying out loud. Destined to crash and burn, which it did.

But, dreamer that I am, I went ahead and followed James’ advice. I purchased – and I confess this as a bit of nausea ensues – 200,000 Dogecoin for a few hundred bucks.

As I was influenced by the market, over the coming weeks (and possibly months) of witnessing what seemed at the time to be a dead coin, I traded my Doge in for another coin… which completely flopped.

“Oh well,” I thought. “A few hundred bucks down the drain. Live and learn.”

DogecoinLast week, Dogecoin was valued at 50 cents per coin.

I’ve heard speculation that it could rise to as much as 5 bucks per coin by years’ end. That would mean that literally a million dollars slipped through my fingers.

At best, a hundred grand already has.

Lame. 🙁

Anyway, I’ll spare you the tragic story of 2017, but it wasn’t much better.

To summarize, I made the wrong moves at the wrong times and let half a million bucks vanish into thin air.

I Swore Off Crypto, But Now I’m Back… More Determined Than Ever!

A few years have passed, and now it’s time to give this another shot, and to be smarter about it this time. The pain of failure is a powerful teacher. I’ve been taught. I’m now ready for a breakthrough.

This leads us to today’s review of FREE Daily Crypto.

As the title of this training clearly suggests, we’re not talking about investing in crypto. We’re getting our money for FREE! 🙂

Throughout the next several days (and possibly much longer), I’ll be documenting my personal results with FREE Daily Crypto, as well as the primary coin it’s centered around, which we’ll discuss now…

FREE Daily Crypto – Day 1:

Alright, my friend. I’m excited!

I just went through the entire training, in which Dave Espino lays out the entire process via a video e-book (essentially a PDF filled with links to video training). The training is very solid, and easily digestible.

The process is straightforward…

FREE Daily Crypto Pi Network Pi CoinIf you’d like to follow along, then first go ahead and pick up FREE Daily Crypto itself. The full training is less than $12, and is worth every penny, in my opinion.

You’ll soon see why. 😉

Next, you’ll want to (on your smartphone) download the Pi Coin App here.

(If you’re already on your mobile device, just grab the “Pi Network” app from the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iPhone).

Install it, and follow the prompts. When asked for a referral ID, enter poppaleelee. That’s my ID, and by you using it, you help me to earn more coins. Entering a referral ID is required, and I really do appreciate you using mine! 🙂

Once you’ve got it installed, simply explore the app and activate your mining by tapping the green lightning icon. This will immediately begin earning you 100% FREE Pi Coin. See the following image…

Pi Coin App - FREE Crypto Daily by Dave Espino

One thing to note is that whoever’s account the above image represents is earning quite well. They are clearly an early adopter. From what I understand, we’re currently in Phase 2 of 3, meaning that this coin is still in its development stage, and has not yet hit the market for public trading.

Now is the time to get in!

You start off earning just .10 Pi per hour, which equates to 2.4 per day (obviously).

If you choose to promote the coin, and the people you refer enter your referral code (as I’ve asked you to do with mine), then your Pi-per-hour rate goes up incrementally.

As of this writing, I’ve gotten one referral and am now generating 0.12 Pi-per hour. Naturally, this means that each referral boosts your growth by .02 Pi-per hour. This can add up in a hurry.

What’s cool is that there is quite a buzz surrounding this particular coin. In FREE Daily Crypto, Dave explains how each coin you mine can be worth $100 each in value RIGHT NOW!

And then, once it goes live, the actual USD value could be as high as $1.00, $5.00, or even more… PER COIN! And yes, it is quite possible that its real-world value could soar to as much as $100 and beyond.

If you mine 1000 coins, that’s 100 grand in the bank.

Of course, there are no guarantees. But either way, this is free money!

So why the heck not?

Dave explains everything in the course much better than I ever could. I’m certainly no crypto expert. I’m an internet marketer who dabbles in this stuff. 🙂

Anyway, I tapped my lightning bolt about 8 hours ago, and in 16 hours, I’ll tap it again.

Current earnings for me – 1.96 Pi. Looking forward to tomorrow!

FREE Daily Crypto – Day 2:

Alright, I’m back in action. My Pi-per-hour has risen from 0.12 to 0.20, which is quite a significant boost.

It’s currently 4:24pm my time. I tapped the button to keep the mining going at 2:23pm. I’m now up to a total of 7.6022 Pi. Exciting stuff!

Apparently, the phone mining rate will decrease significantly by year’s end (and potentially sooner).

From @PICoreTeam…

Mine at a higher rate while you can. The mining rate may halve or fall to zero at Mainnet and when Pi reaches 100M engaged Pioneers*. Halving protects Pi’s scarcity. Don’t miss out! We aim to launch Mainnet by the end of 2021.

*Pioneers are Pi investors. There are currently over 14M.

There’s also a scarcity bar at the app’s bottom which reads “13 days and 21:49:22,” but seems to give no indication as to what we’re counting down to. (Hopefully not an early mine rate change!)

Anyway, that’s all I really had to do today… tap a button.

I recommend going through Dave’s video training ASAP. You can grab FREE Daily Crypto right here.

Remember to use referral ID poppaleelee when downloading the Pi Network App.

FREE Daily Crypto – Day 3:

Fun times! It’s been a TON of work, but I’ve managed to tap that button three days in a row. 😉

And I’m now up to

I also just got started with ANOTHER similar coin/network called Bee. It’s almost exactly the same thing. Just go to Google Play or the Apple App Store and search for “Bee Network.” As with Pi, you’ll need a referral code. Please use mine, which is poppaleelee.

I appreciate it!

My Pi Coin is now up to 19.45 coins (.20 Pi per hour) and my Bee Coin is up to 6.65 coins (.20 Bee per hour).

Imagine this coin (Pi) going to a hundred bucks (a figure I’ve heard thrown around a bit)… this means that I’m already sitting on $1945.00! And we’ve only just begun.

One can hope, right?

My philosophy is that I’d rather have tons of coins, and have them crash n’ burn and be worth nothing… than to have NO coins, and have them “rocketmoonlambo” to millions. 😀

Do you agree?

If so, please do get yourself involved with this. It’s FREE money! Grab the Pi Network App and the Bee Network App, and start earning free coins now. Use referral code poppaleelee and I’ll be very grateful.

For all the juicy details, pick up Free Daily Crypto right here.

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