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My name is Lee Murray, and I'm not a software salesman.

"1-click" "push-button" apps are for gullible little girls.

Before we proceed, let me ask you a quick question...

If you had a team of software developers who created an app that could earn you $8134.19 per day from the comfort of your own home, on "100% autopilot" with all the FREE traffic you could possibly handle built right in...

Would you sell it to the masses for $17 a pop?

I wouldn't. That'd be my golden goose. You'd have to hatch your own! :)

The Truth Is... There Is No Magic Button.

And the sooner you're able to come to terms with this, the sooner you can start making some actual, real-life money on the internet!

The trouble that most folks have is that their expectations are out of whack.

What do I mean?

Nobody seems to be all that realistic about what it takes to actually succeed online.

Folks either believe that they're entitled to a million bucks yesterday...

Or they believe that the time, effort, and learning curve required to enjoy online success is just plain unattainable. Too overwhelming. Too hard.

In Reality, Neither of These Is True.

And the truth is actually quite refreshing.

You won't ever click a button and make money rain from the sky.

Nor will you have to make it rain the blood of your own never-ending sacrifice. It really ain't that hard, amigo. Nor does it take an eternity. Hell, it doesn't even take smarts!

If you've failed to enjoy online success (or financial freedom), there's a good possibility that you've totally psyched yourself out. Perhaps you've bought into the notion that you need to build a massive, content-rich website with hundreds of well-written articles...

And a wildly popular YouTube channel...

And a huge social media following...

And a library of your own life-changing info products.

No wonder so many people fail online. This sh*t seems unbelievably daunting.

Listen, I've been coaching good people like you since 2013...

And the one thing I've learned above all other things is this...

Most People Aren't Lazy. They Just Need Focus.

And focus doesn't mean sharpening your mental faculties so that you can be a better, more efficient multi-tasker.

In fact, it means the opposite.

It means that you need to dramatically reduce your perceived workload. But more specifically, it means that you need to dramatically reduce the number of working parts you're dealing with on a daily basis.

Who can do it all?

  • Blogging
  • Shooting videos
  • Sourcing content
  • Writing articles
  • Keyword research
  • Search engine optimization
  • List building
  • Email marketing
  • Paid ads
  • Outsourcing
  • Graphics
  • Site design
  • Setting up Wordpress
  • Maintaining social media accounts
  • Growing social media followings
  • Marketing to said followings

It's Just... Too... Much.

Real power (and as a result, real wealth) comes to those who can focus.

Focus on just one or two things consistently. And absolutely master them, while just straight up chucking everything else in the trash.

My new system is called "Out of Site," which should give you a pretty good clue of what I recommend that you completely do away with... a website!

Think about how taxing a website is...

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