Paid Traffic vs. FREE Traffic – Which Is Better?

FREE traffic is better.

Boom! Lee Murray just won the award for fastest answer in internet blogging history!

Have a great day. 🙂

But seriously, I’m not joking. FREE traffic is much better than paid traffic… at least in terms of quality. That’s because, by and large, free traffic comes from SEO. And the “S” in “SEO” means “search.”

Your traffic was searching for you, and not the other way around.

It puts you in a much stronger position, ultimately. Also, they’ve gotten to know you. They opted into your list and/or bought your product because they liked your information… and possibly your personality… and definitely that gorgeous-ass face of yours. 😉

Bottom line… you don’t need quite as much free traffic as you would paid traffic to get the same kinds of results. Actually, it’s not even close. An email list of 5000 which was built organically via your own content, for example, will very likely outperform a list of 50,000 built with paid traffic.

But Here’s Where Things Become Contentious…

Because it could be argued (with good reason) that building a list of 50k with paid traffic is both faster and easier than building a 5k list with content marketing, product launching, or any other form of free traffic, many a budding (and seasoned) online entrepreneur focus exclusively on paid stuff.

Buy it and they will come.

As such, many people would just prefer to throw their money into building their business, rather than throwing countless hours of their time and energy into it. Of course, there’s no rule saying you can’t do both.

And many highly-successful folk do just that.

They first work for their (free) traffic, and then they reinvest their profits into paid traffic. Boom! Sounds simple enough, right? And it is. This gives you total coverage. Quantity and quality. Never a bad thing.

Of course, many people are just completely adverse to one or the other, and that’s fine too.

Do What Makes You Happy… and Make Sure You Can Actually Do It!

Paid Traffic vs. Free Traffic - Choose What Makes You Happy!

Which traffic generation methods you choose will largely be a personal choice. And by this, I mean that you may absolutely suck at something (blogging, for example), or simply have no interest in it.

You may not have the time to work on traffic.

You may not have the money to buy it.

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Hell, even if you do have time and/or money, it’s a FREE service where I do literally everything for you. Firstly, I teach you my killer, ground-up list building and email marketing system. That’s invaluable.

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Your Personality Has a Lot to Do With Which Traffic Sources You Should PursueBut back on topic…

Other reasons why you’ll likely gravitate toward one type of traffic generation over another are both plentiful and significant.

A big one is that you may be simply more emotional than you are analytical. If this is the case, you may have no interest in buying traffic and “learning your numbers” through an ongoing series of data analysis, tests, tweaks, and initial ad spend loss.

Another big one is that you may be an introvert, with absolutely no desire to share of yourself. You don’t want to put yourself out there and make videos, write articles, participate in forums, or any of that stuff.

For you, paid traffic may be your answer.

There are just so many variables.

And they all matter.

So the traffic method you choose should definitely suit you, and you it.

But All Things Equal, Here’s What I Recommend…

Blogging Is Great for FREE Traffic, But It Also Makes Your PAID Traffic More Valuable!I recommend operating a blog, if you’re willing and able to do so. Post to it regularly (even daily if you’re up to it) and make sure it’s well-monetized.

Adsense, affiliate links and banners, contextual ads, CPA ads, etc. should be fairly abundant.

Give your visitors plenty of buying and clicking options. 🙂

Don’t spam, of course. Be tasteful. Use common sense.

Whatever turns you off when you visit other people’s sites… don’t do that. 😉

Also, if you’re up for having a YouTube channel, then please create one!

Then, each time you write a blog post, shoot a companion video that you can embed into your post. If you’ve got any type of keyword strategy, you should get a bit of ongoing traffic from YouTube.

This will only serve you.

But here’s the thing…

You should, in my opinion, never rely on SEO alone to take care of you.

You really have zero control over the YouTube/Google algorithm. Your stuff may rank, or it may not.

Google Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, and other pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platforms can be extremely profitable... but there's a steep learning curve to get them thereWith enough content, you will almost invariably get plenty of free traffic. But as you have no direct control over this, my assertion is that you really should buy traffic.

When you’re able to, of course. 🙂

Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Bing Ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterest Ads, Quora Ads…

The list of PPC (pay-per-click) networks that you can choose from is ridiculous. And you’re more than welcome to learn about them and implement them to the best of your ability.

But personally, I recommend solo ads.

They’re generally pretty low-quality, if we’re being honest. But they’re not so bad that you can’t earn a living with them. You absolutely can!

Especially when you’re building a blog!

And here’s where we come full circle…

I recommend building a blog (ideally with a corresponding YouTube channel), building an email list with solo ads, and then sending your email list to your latest blog posts.

That’s it. That’s the business model. It’s what I recommend.

Does This Method Only Work In the “Make Money Online” Niche?

It will work in any niche where there are enough solo ads available for purchase.

Typically, the niches with the largest solo ads presence are:

  • Make Money Online (biz-opp, marketing, investing, etc.)
  • Weight Loss
  • Personal Development

Go to Udimi and TrafficForMe to see what’s available.

But ultimately, I recommend the “make money online” niche.

There’s just so much opportunity there. And solo ad providers have millions of clicks ready to send your way. Also, there are tons of new promotional opportunities hitting the market pretty much daily.

In other niches, there aren’t daily launches happening that you can get in on.

Make sense?

“But Lee, Isn’t the MMO Niche Circular? Like, Isn’t It a ‘Help People Make Money by Helping People Make Money’ Niche?”

Is the Internet Marketing Niche Circular?It certainly can be.

But so what?

Let me ask you, when you were a kid, did you dream of one day becoming an internet marketer?

(I honestly did want to be in advertising, but there was no internet yet, haha!)

The point I’m making is this

The world is freakin’ crazy right now. You didn’t need me to tell you that. People are out of work and struggling. People need money now. And they’re turning to the internet… as they should.

It’s my mission to help people make money.

I don’t care how, provided it’s legal.

If it’s business-to-business, so be it. We’re not talking about ponzi schemes or anything shady here. We’re talking about helping people to break into online marketing… whatever that means to them.

Is it ethical?

Again, the world is crazy right now. I want to help people to feed their families. It’s beyond ethical… moreso than any other niche in the world, in my honest opinion.

But even if it’s not as sexy as the wind surfing niche or whatever…


Internet marketing isn’t supposed to be your main passion in life. You’re supposed to want to be a singer, actor, doctor, astrophysicist, or sushi chef. You know?

Internet marketing is supposed to make you rich.

So rich that you can pursue your real passions without letting financial pressures get in the way.

Want to be a philanthropist who helps to end world hunger? Get rich first. You can’t end world hunger if you, yourself are hungry. I’ll say it again…

Internet Marketing Is Supposed to Make You Rich!

Get in and get out.

Make a fortune online. Invest it wisely. Live your passions.

And just to reiterate, it is my personal belief that, provided you really are helping others succeed online (as opposed to just continually “selling the dream”)…

Then you’re one of the good guys.

Do more of that.

And to wrap this up with a conclusion regarding the main topic of this exceptionally-crafted article (written by the most humble person in the history of Earth)…

FREE Traffic vs. Paid Traffic – My Final Take:

* FREE traffic wins in terms of quality… by a lot!

* Paid traffic wins in terms of ease, speed, reliability, volume, and scalability… by a lot!

* You should strive to get both free and paid traffic.

Here’s my recommended course of action…

  1. Build a well-monetized blog. Post to it regularly.
  2. Create a matching YouTube channel.
  3. For each blog post you publish, add a corresponding video to YouTube.
  4. Embed each video into its corresponding blog post.
  5. Build an email list using solo ads.
  6. Each time you post to your blog, send your subscribers to said post.
  7. Copy the email you sent and add it to your follow-ups.
  8. Repeat these steps until you’re rich!

If you have any questions or comments, please post them below.

I’ll be happy to help where I can, and would love to hear your thoughts.

3 Comments on “Paid Traffic vs. FREE Traffic – Which Is Better?”

  1. I just noticed your from my home town. How long have you lived in Spokane? I currently live in Elk about 20 miles north. yeah small world huh?
    I have been struggling with trying to make a living online for years, over the past 3 years Ive tried kindle publishing, Did the “simple sites big profits” course. Tried my hand at a droppshipping shopify store. My latest blunder was the “jet pack” for affilorama which I spent over 800 and then that much again on traffic. It didnt work out, so Ive just been trying my hand at affiliate marketing, been promoting some clickbank, warriorplus, digistore24. Almost forgot print on demand can also be added to the list. At this point Ive made 23 dollars in total. Some days I feel like giving up but this is not really an option for me, I have too much invested to give up . I dont know anybody else who knows anything at all about affiliate marketing so I really havent had anywhere to go for help. Ive been reading alot about list building and Ive started to build one its just really small I have 221 subscribers.

  2. Working with you Lee has been a true GodSend!
    I have made hundreds of dollars within…

    30 days of your done for you emails…
    Plus Your ideas and concepts put words

    that I have developed from reading and
    listening to you, has burned “scripts” that

    turns my own social media and list building
    from subscribers to buyers….and

    automated sales without selling…
    just show and tell…

    I am living Proof! Thank You!

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