Passiveclass Goes Live On Monday, July 7, 2020 @9:00am EST (6am Pacific)


What the Heck Is Passiveclass?

List building and email marketing provides us with the KING of all online business strategies. It's fast, simple, and gives us a whole lot of control over our own destinies.

No complicated algorithms or search engine competition. No waiting several months to start seeing income. Again... it's lightning fast. Quick to implement. Quick results.

That said, not everyone succeeds with this business model. Most folks simply don't know where to start. And once they learn, they tend to freeze up, often not believing in the process... or themselves.

I've created Passiveclass with these folks in mind.

What you're getting on July 7, when we go live, is a full lead capture system and traffic training program. You simply promote my 100% FREE course, and earn commissions whenever someone takes me up on any of my tasty upgrades!

These upgrades are super useful, as they really turn Passiveclass into a full list-building and email marketing powerhourse. Squeeze pages, email follow-ups, commissions bumps, and more are available... for dirt cheap!

Why cheap?

Because I want these upgrades to convert with cold traffic. Tons of sales of low-ticket offers will easily have you breaking even (or better) on any ad costs you incur. And because this is being run through WarriorPlus, you'll be paid every three days... meaning that you can quickly reinvest your profits, if desired.

But the plot thickens. I keep promoting these upgrades for you!

When you send folks my way and they grab the FREE Passiveclass course, they're automatically placed on my follow-up list, where they receive emails from me. The first five of these emails promote the upgrades directly...

Using raw url links which will be cookied back to you.

But even beyond my first 5 emails, my signature will ALWAYS link back to the Passiveclass members area, which promotes the upgrades with the same raw url links... which are cookied back to you!

My efforts, your commissions.

Hardly seems fair, does it? :)

Again, I'm giving you...

  1. A lead magnet (Passiveclass itself is your lead magnet).
  2. Ongoing promotion (using your cookied links) via my own email marketing!
  3. Full setup and traffic training (over 22 bite-sized videos)
  4. A fully-monetized upgrade funnel (paid via WarriorPlus for fast profits)
  5. The opportunity to double your commissions from 50% to 100%!
  6. Instant, guaranteed approval for all participants!
  7. The opportunity to grab DFY funnel pages, follow-up emails (including a membership), solo ad swipes, and DFY content... all at a steep discount!
  8. Much more!

I'll also be running a great Facebook group that will keep you updated regarding great products to promote to your list, and other great lead capture funnels that you can branch out into, if you'd like to spread your wings in other directions.

Soon, I'm also going to be running a public blog that you can contribute to... and promote Passiveclass (and/or any other offers you'd like) to. I'll be adding the posts to an ongoing email follow-up series so that you'll always get passive traffic!

This blog will be called Walk Away Rich (I've already registered the domain), and it's gonna be a monster. You can contribute up to one post per week, 100% for FREE!

This will build your list and earn you ongoing commissions. Remember, I continually market the Passiveclass upgrades using raw page urls, meaning that your affiliate links will still be cookied! You can promote other offers to your list.

I'll handle all of the Passiveclass stuff for you.

What's in it for you? For starters, lots of Passiveclass members will be helping the blog to gain popularity, meaning that your posts will be found organically. And again, I'll be building a Walk Away Rich list (with the help of all participants)...

My goal is to have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, who will receive daily emails linking them to blog posts (one per day). This means that YOUR posts will all be featured in follow-up emails going out to hundreds of thousands of subscribers!

The power of this should be obvious to you.

Alright, so let's be transparent here...

What's in it for me? Well obviously, when you send traffic to Passiveclass, you're also helping me to build my list. I also reserve the right to run ads on the blog.

I'll keep ads to a minimum, as I'm not a fan of clutter. :)

In any case, this is an opportunity that you absolutely don't want to miss. It's far too powerful and has the ability to change your entire reality very quickly. So be sure to come back here on July 7 at 9am EST to get started... for FREE!

See you then,

Lee Murray


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