Partner With Me and Receive a GUARANTEED Profit, While Building Your Email List With Quality BUYERS!

Invest Once, Then Receive Ongoing Leads and Commissions for 3-6 Straight Months!


Only 6 partners will be accepted. This will ensure that each participant makes lots of money! 

This is a first-come, first-served opportunity.

If you miss out, you may have to wait until next year for another chance.

This is the life-changing kickstart you've been praying for.

Much better than coaching. I do everything for you!


1. If interested, reply to my email with subject: PCOS Opportunity.

2. Choose 3 months ($1200) or 6 months ($2000), if ready to proceed.

3. I will send you a PayPal invoice. Once you've paid it...

4. I will add you to my Passiveclass rotator and all product rotators (explained below).

5. I will promote these rotator links on my blog, YT channel, and all of my products.

6. Your spot in my rotators will remain active for the time you've paid for (3 or 6 mos).

7. This comes with a 100% "At Least Make Your Money Back" guarantee!*

*This is literally a no-risk investment. My goal is to help you make a huge ROI (return on investment). I'd like to help you to double or triple your investment... and then some! And I honestly believe that I can do that for you.

However, if for some reason, at the end of our partnership, you haven't at least made your money back, I will personally reimburse you the difference between what you have made... and what you invested.

You will absolutely not lose a dime in this endeavor, and will likely make a whole heck of a lot more than your investment back. But I just want you to know amigo...

I got you. :)


This opportunity is called "Passiveclass On Steroids 2."

My original investment opportunity was good, but upon implementation, I noted some pretty significant flaws. For starters, it was centered around solo ads.

Come to find out, solo ads have just gotten worse and worse.

With PCOS 2, I'm focused 100% on content marketing, along with launching products with significant affiliate support.

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