Do Solo Ads Still Work In 2021? My SHOCKING New Answer!

Do solo ads still work?Are solo ads still an effective source of traffic in today’s internet marketing climate?

Are solo ads nothing more than a low-quality source of junk leads who never actually buy anything?

Is it still possible to make solo ads work for yourself and your business in 2021 and beyond?

Let’s answer the heck out of these questions!

Solo Ads… What On Earth Are Solo Ads?

So just in case you’re unaware (which I can’t imagine you are if you’re reading this article, but hey let’s cover our bases real quick), solo ads are emails sent on your behalf, by big email list owners, for a fee.

Generally speaking, it’s a private agreement between you and someone who owns an email list in your niche. It’s almost always a “pay first, then get your traffic” situation, and virtually never the other way around.

And that’s really it.

You contact a list owner, agree upon a cost-per-click, pay them their money, give them the link you want them to send clicks to, and wait for the traffic to roll in.

Generally speaking, you always pay for clicks, and never for results. So you’re not paying the solo ad seller for opt-ins or sales… you’re only paying for the traffic itself. What happens with that traffic is, by and large, none of the solo seller’s concern.

It’s 100% up to you to make your offers convert, which means either…

  1. Improving your opt-in page (and/or funnel) via split-testing,
  2. Increasing your sales conversions, also via split-testing, or
  3. Changing your solo ad seller(s).

We’ll talk more about these points as we proceed.

But for now, I just really wanted to lay out what a solo ad is (a source of traffic), as well as what it isn’t (a guaranteed source of income). Later on, I’ll point you to a service that I provide which will greatly enhance your results with solo ads, should you choose to go that route.

But for now, let’s answer the question…

Are Solo Ads Good for Sales?

Solo Ads Suck for SalesThey’re not the best, no.

A straight question deserves a straight answer.

Many, many people who buy solo ads fail to make money.

And most of those who do make money don’t make enough to cover the cost of the solo ad, and they almost never turn a profit. But that’s okay!

It’s okay that solo ads don’t turn a profit!

In fact, if you’re able to turn a profit from a solo ad, you’re instantly rich. Hell, if you can consistently break even on your solo ads, you’re rich. It’s a LOT to ask for. It’s too much to expect. And in this respect, no. Solo ads are not good for sales.

What needs to be good at sales is your email marketing.

And if you’re staring at the screen like a beer in Light Brights (that’s how the expression goes, right?), then you clearly know nothing of the world of list building and email marketing.

If you’re sending solo ads traffic straight to an offer, you’re KILLING any chance you ever had of making a good living online.

You must be building an email list. You must be. No exceptions.

And this is why I say that breaking even on solo ads (provided you’re building a list) makes you instantly rich. Because then you can just keep reinvesting in traffic at a breakneck speed, and every dime earned from your email marketing is pure profit.

Reinvest those profits as well, and there’s no visible ceiling.

But again, it’s a big ask.

So What Should You Hope for With Solo Ads?

Hope that you can keep affording solo adsHonestly, you should hope that you’re able to keep affording them.

With solo ads, you’ve gotta play the long game.

You’ve got to keep investing in more, all the while running split test after split test, performing tweak after tweak, and improving all of your conversions (opt ins and sales) one percent at a time.

It’s not easy to do, especially when you feel like you’re losing money.

The email list you build with solo ads won’t earn you much at first, even if you have thousands of subscribers. And getting to thousands of subscribers can be quite expensive. You will – I repeat, you will – lose money with solo ads…

But only if you consider it a loss.

Remember, you’re building an email list… the most powerful asset you can build online. And you’re gathering invaluable data, which can lead you to a stronger and stronger performance over time.

This data answers questions such as…

  • How well does my squeeze page convert with cold traffic?
  • Which offers are best with this traffic?
  • What tweaks can I perform that actually improve my results?
  • Which solo ad sellers should I use more often?
  • Which solo ad sellers should I avoid in the future?

As you gain more answers, and better-quality answers over time, you may just (in the possibly distant future) be able to break even on your solo ad costs (at the initial point of conversion, excluding your ongoing email marketing). And again, if you can break even on your solo ads, you’re instantly rich.

So hope that you can afford them.

Or… join my Passiveclass On Steroids partnership (the service I mentioned above), and I’ll make sure that you’re in profit before you know it! I want you continuing to invest and reinvest with me for years to come… and the only way for me to earn your ongoing participation is to MAKE YOU MONEY!

More on that soon.

But let’s stay on topic…

How Much Do Solo Ads Cost… and How Much Can They Earn You?

Are solo ads too expensive?About 50 cents on average is what you can expect to pay.

Some will cost less, some obviously more.

And in my experience, quality isn’t always the determining factor. I’ve bought horrible solos for 90 cents, and I’ve bought game-changing solos for 30.

But in general, 50-60 cents is the sweet spot. Let’s use 50.

If you buy a 300-click solo ad at $0.50 per click, then basic math tells us that you’re spending 150 bucks on that traffic. Well, let’s assume that your lead capture page converts at a respectable 30 percent.

This means that, of the 300 clicks you’ve purchased, roughly 90 of them will opt into your list, be presented with your initial offer, and begin receiving your ongoing emails.

This is an extremely low number of subscribers.

With a list of this size, expect to earn nothing, ever, for the life of your business.

To be honest, you’ll probably earn NEXT to nothing with a list 10 times that size.

So a $150 investment would yield you a net loss of $150, unless you get lucky and make a sale right out of the gate, in which case, you may end up making 20 bucks or so, for a net loss of $130.

It's common to lose money with solo ads

This is, by the way, why most people fail with solo ads.

They expect that $150 investment to pay off. It won’t.

Let’s just be real about it.

Now, if you buy $1500 worth of traffic at that same 50-cent rate, you’ll be receiving 3000 clicks and getting (at the same 30% opt-in conversion) roughly 900 new subscribers.

With this much traffic, you can probably pull in 5 to 10 sales out of the gate… so let’s say $200. Obviously, this will depend on the offer.

If you’re promoting Passiveclass, for example, you’ll likely make quite a bit more.

And if you’re taking advantage of my Passiveclass On Steroids opportunity, you may even break even!

Break Even On Your Ad Costs... And You're RICH!

But a 900-subscriber list won’t feed you and your family long term. No way. Hell, a 9 thousand subscriber email list won’t. But a 90k list? Oh, absolutely. That will feed y’all juuuuuuuuust fine. 🙂

Of course, getting those opt-in percentages up, loading up more and more good-quality follow-up email content, and doing all that you can to increase sales conversions…

All of these things will lead you to better results over time.

But again, the question is, just how much money are you willing to “lose” at the beginning? (In all reality, if you’re really in it to win it, then you’re not losing anything. You’re buying a real-world education, which is the best kind of education money can buy. You’re also building an asset!)

The bottom line is this…

Solos can be cheap or expensive. And you can make nothing… or amass an absolute fortune.

And your takeaway should be this…

It is definitely, without question, possible to get rich with solo ads!

How to Maximize Your Solo Ads Success:

Improve your solo ads results

At the end of the day, what we really need to be focusing on is achieving small wins. Then, we need to continually stack more small wins on top of them. Hundreds of little wins, over time, can result in a transformed life.

Remember, in order to succeed with solo ads, you need to be “in it to win it.” This means that you must adopt an evergreen mindset. You must be willing to play the long game.

If you’re not willing to invest in solo ads with no expectations of getting your investment back right away, then this is definitely not the traffic source for you (unless you’re participating in my PCOS partnership program, in which case I will continue to earn you commissions in many different ways).

It can get expensive.

And you have to be willing to let it get even more expensive.

But remember, you’re building an email list. And there is a point of terminal velocity involved here.

I’d say 20k.

What do I mean?

20,000 subscribers should generate a full-time income for you, provided your marketing is a) good and b) consistent.

20,000 Email Subscribers Can Change Your Life!

With PCOS, of course, I do all of the ongoing marketing for you. And we actually build three completely unique email lists from the same traffic. It’s really an ingenious system, the likes of which I’ve never seen in all of my 13+ years making money online.

Even if you think you can get yourself to that 20,000 subscriber mark on your own (which you can if you’re willing and able to KEEP investing in solo ads, even if you seem to be losing money at first), you can do it far more quickly and effortlessly with me on your team.

With PCOS, you never pay me a cent, by the way!

100% of your solo ads budget goes toward solo ads. The only difference is in WHERE you send this solo ads traffic. I give you a special link to promote, and when you promote it, a whole series of wonderful things begins to happen.

It’s a chain event you NEED in your life, amigo! 🙂

Passiveclass On Steroids Explained:

Passiveclass On SteroidsThere’s a lot to explain here, and I am going to dedicate an entire blog post to it.

When that post is ready for you, then this text will be clickable… so click it!

But I’ll do my best to summarize this opportunity for you right now.

With PCOS…

  1. You buy a $1000-1200 solo ad (I help you to choose a super high-quality provider) and send it to the link I provide you with.
  2. This link takes the prospects to my main list, which I call our “mutual funnel.”

    Within it, I promote my own products (and a few select others) via a rotator, which cycles through all of my active partners’ affiliate links.

    This represents gigantic earnings potential all on its own.
  3. Once the traffic has opted into the main list, they’re directed to a thank-you page that begins warming them up to my Passiveclass income system. They click the link on said thank-you page, and are immediately directed to your video squeeze page, which I’ve already set up and hosted for you. It’s not your video, by the way. It’s mine. Just in case you panicked for a second. 🙂
  4. You’ll enjoy lots of nice opt-ins, and will be building your email list as per usual. If you’re not sure what kinds of emails to send your list, I have many done-for-you solutions. Passiveclass itself has a few upgrade options which will give you plenty…

    And you also have my High-Ticket Kit and Recurring Income Kit packages to consider, each of which gives you 30 specialized email follow-ups. Very powerful stuff.
  5. Once they’ve opted into your list, they will finally be directed to check out Passiveclass itself. Passiveclass is my FREE 10-day video coaching series, which includes five upgrades. You, as my PCOS partner, will receive 100% commissions on all five of these upgrades!

    I send a new email to the Passiveclass list each day for 10 consecutive days. Each email directs them to that day’s video coaching lesson. Each lesson promotes the upgrades. You earn all of the money, both from leads you’ve personally acquired via your solo ad purchase… AND all occurrences of your link being clicked on in the rotator…

    Which is constantly being clicked on from within our mutual funnel (the main list)!
  6. After the 10 days of Passiveclass are over, I still continue marketing to that list, via email follow-up, on a daily basis. At this point, the list is much like the mutual funnel, and I promote both my own products and a few select others exclusively via rotator, which your links live within!
  7. As more and more partners invest, more and more traffic will be coming through the funnel, making us all lots of money, which we can continue to reinvest back into more and more solo ads!
  8. Every time I create and launch a new product (which in most cases will be more DFY follow-up emails, as this is the one thing that can actually make people money above all else), I will create a new rotator for it (with all partner links included) and promote it to ALL OF MY LISTS, INCLUDING MY BUYERS, via 3-5 broadcast emails…

    Exclusively using said rotator!

  9. Each $1000-1200 investment gets you a full month in all of my present and future rotators (you’ll be in future rotators for the remainder of your time in my general rotator system – so if you invested in mid-March, then all rotators, including new ones, will be active until mid-April, at which time you’ll need to reinvest.

    Your initial solo ad investment will get you a full 6 weeks!

    I also reward bulk orders. Order $5000 in solo ads, get 6 months in my rotators. $10k gets you 12 months. And for an even better deal, $25k gets you 3 entire years! Naturally, you can work your way up to this point. 🙂
  10. I invest a huge percentage of my own earnings (which all of my partners are helping me to earn) right back into more paid traffic (solo ads and possibly others, if I choose to venture out)… which will all be sent into our mutual funnel, video squeeze page rotators (so all partners can expect lots of random sign-ups), and ultimately, Passiveclass.
  11. Speaking of Passiveclass, that list grows itself! In addition to all of the traffic that you, I, and all of our other partners are sending to it, it’s also a user-driven system. Passiveclass is, above all things, intended to be used as a lead magnet.

    I teach people how to use it as such, as affiliates. Basically, Passiveclass recruits affiliates to promote it as their lead magnet. And as these affiliates do so, the Passiveclass list grows. This means that we have a whole additional traffic stream feeding an entirely independent funnel… which promotes our rotator links like crazy!

Exciting Stuff, Right?

How to Make Solo Ads Profitable(If you answered “no,” punch yourself… hard.)

There’s so much more I could say about this revolutionary system, but it should be pretty clear at this point that if you are going to invest in paid traffic, this is the way to go… without a close 2nd-place consideration.

To my mind, this is the greatest online money-making opportunity since Bitcoin hit the market. And we all know how that one turned out.

The reason I make such a bold claim is that, with PCOS, there’s no ceiling. You, I, and all other partners build a MASSIVE email list that I use to make us all money. No work required on your part.

As the list grows into 5, 6, and even 7 figures, we will all make a killing! (As I write this, by the way, the list is at 5200 subscribers, and it’s growing by about 150 subscribers daily. Help me add a zero to each of these numbers!) But don’t forget, you’re building your list too. 🙂

My sincere belief…

PCOS can make you millions, if you really want it to. Just keep reinvesting! And I’ll do my best to help you break even (or better) as quickly as possible so that you can do just that.

And yes, you can reinvest even if you have already have active rotators in the system. You’ll just be given a new rotator link that expires at whatever time is dictated by the size of your investment.

In other words, if you’re in one rotator system from May 1 to June 1 (for example), and on May 15, you decide to invest another $1000-1200 for another month in my rotators…

Then there will simply be a 2-week period in which you’ll have your affiliate links in the rotators TWICE, for double the exposure. From May 15 to June 1, you’ll have two occurrences of your affiliate links in the rotator system.

It’s like having two raffle tickets in the bowl, instead of one. 😉

Make sense?

But What If You Don’t Have $1000-1200 to Invest?

Too broke to buy traffic

In this case, the beginning of this article (you know, the stuff I shared with you pre-pitch) applies. But honestly, anything smaller than $1000 won’t give you much at all in the way of results.

So it may be better for you to invest your money in groceries…

And set your sights on free traffic methods, like this one.

It’s more work, but you won’t be losing money that you can’t afford to lose. 😉

In any case, I hope this has helped.

If you’d like to chat a bit more about PCOS, contact me at my personal email address, (or simply reply to my email that sent you here, if applicable), and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

I hope you really give this some thought! 🙂

Thanks for reading,


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