Want Me to Do Literally Everything for You? This Will Be the Most Important Investment of Your Life... and You'll Never Send Me a Dime!

The Most Important Video You'll Ever Watch, Guaranteed...

Here's How It Works...

You purchase a solo ad that sends people into our mutual funnel, where they buy stuff that gets us both paid... 

I do 100% of the marketing, and you never actually give me a dime!

I immediately send these new subscribers to Passiveclass, via your squeeze page link. This builds your email list!

Don't worry, I set it up for you!

I do ongoing email marketing for you, as long as you're a partner! 

You get paid on both these promos and Passiveclass upgrades.

And we'll keep building your email list in the process!

To sweeten the pot, I even set your entire system up for you... and HOST it, if you so desire.

You Get One Spot In All of My Current and Future Rotators for 1 Month per Each $1000 Solo Ad You Buy!

And you're still getting the solo ad! :)

Lee, You're Putting 100% of My Investment Into Traffic?

You bet I am. :)

But it gets so much better than that...

Because before I send you the traffic, I send myself the traffic.

And how is that better? Simple. I'm a 13-year internet marketing veteran. Not only will I warm up your leads before I send them your way... but I will continue marketing on your behalf... not only to get folks to sign up to Passiveclass through you...

But once they're signed up, I repeatedly get them to buy through you.

But It Gets Even Better Than That!

Listen, this traffic doesn't just benefit you now. As a thank-you for helping me build my business, I will continue to help you build yours.

As part of this ground-breaking new offer, not only do you get direct traffic from the solo ads purchased through your investment, but I will enter your funnel link into my ClickMagick rotator, which will be promoted via...

  • My first 14 email follow-ups
  • All of my paid products
  • All of my download pages
  • All of my blog posts
  • All of my public YouTube videos!

Whenever I tell anyone to sign up for Passiveclass, I'll be doing so via my rotator link. The very same link that you and anyone else who takes me up on this offer will be added to, for as long as their partnership is active (1 month, 6 months, or 1 year).

But It Gets Even Better Than That!

Not only will you be earning more subscribers and commissions any time someone else either buys a partnership license or renews their existing license (which sends more traffic through my funnel and into the rotator)...

But you'll be earning more subscribers and commissions any time I buy traffic!

And I'll be reinvesting literally 100% of ALL PROFITS (including from my paid product launches) into more and more traffic. Not to mention that fact that with each new launch, the rotator link just gets that much more exposure from proven BUYERS!

And This Is Still Only the Beginning!

Whenever I launch a new product, I will add your affiliate link into a "broadcast promo" rotator, which I will blast out to my list (as a broadcast to all subscribers at once) a minimum of 5-7 times, that can earn you a serious boost of cash.

My goal is to launch one product per month over the next year. This means that, if you're at the $10,000 level, I will be blasting out a full 60-84 emails in which your link will be featured to thousands of subscribers apiece!

Try getting anywhere NEAR this level of top-quality exposure by simply buying $10,000 worth of solo ads yourself! You won't even come close.

Of course, this is on top of the direct promotions you'll be able to run with your own ever-growing email list... which, if you stick with me, will be mighty significant!

But the Hits Keep Coming!

You can re-up as much as you'd like, and you can double-up or triple-up as much as you'd like! Want more traffic? Instead of buying your own solo ads, place another $1000, $5500, or $10,000 order with me and you will double (or more) your exposure.

If your link was being seen by 5% of all traffic, it will now be seen by 10%. Plus you'll receive 100% of the warmed-up traffic generated by your latest $10,000 solo ad investment. Remember, once I've captured the leads from the solo ads, I warm them up to Passiveclass and send them straight to your capture page.

The leads on my list are only sent to the rotator link through my emails. But at first exposure, from the thank-you page, they are sent straight to the capture page of whomever bought the traffic.

You order a $5500 package, all $5500 worth of traffic (who opts in) will be pre-sold and directed straight to your capture page. Folks who don't opt in to your list will still be given several opportunities to join over the next few weeks... via the rotator. 

Is this making sense to you? Do you see the power?

This is far superior to buying your own traffic.

When you buy traffic through me, I truly go to bat for you... long term! You get to leverage my marketing chops, product launches, consistency, structure, and ambition.

But perhaps most powerfully of all, you get to leverage my ongoing traffic!

Listen closely...

The traffic I buy with your investment doesn't just make you money... it makes me money. It doesn't just build your list... it builds mine too!

And so it goes with EVERYONE who takes advantage of this offer. The more people who take advantage, the more money I make. And do you know what I'm doing with literally 100% of the money I make?

I'm buying more traffic with it!

And do you remember where all of this traffic is going?

Among other places, it's being sent to my rotator link... over and over and over again. This builds your email list and your Passiveclass commissions.

But this traffic is also being utilized to promote my own offers and launches, which again, will be done solely via my product rotators... which have your affiliate links included. I cannot adequately express what a big deal this is for you.

Beyond this, I will also be sending all of my buyers to Passiveclass via my rotator link (with YOUR capture page included)... and every dime I earn from my launches will be reinvested into traffic, which again, will be continually presented with my rotator link...


Oh, and Guess What Else. I Provide You With a Lifetime's Worth of Follow-Up Emails!

From my "Recurring Income Kit" to "Email Club" to "Enter the Niche" and many, many other of my world-famous DFY email offers, you get 'em all. And as long as you remain a partner, you will continue to receive all of my future DFY email packs at no additional cost.

Here's the Flow...

  1. You purchase your traffic package and partnership plan (1 month, 6 months, 1 year)
  2. I use 100% of your investment to send people to my lead capture page.
  3. From my thank-you page, I show a video, warming them up to Passiveclass.
  4. I direct them to your Passiveclass capture page, which I set up for you, if needed.
  5. They're put on your list, receiving emails that make you money. (I provide these)
  6. When they join Passiveclass, I urge them daily to buy upgrades via your links!
  7. Those who didn't join will receive emails from me, sending them to a rotator*.
  8. All income I earn will be reinvested in traffic, which gives you much more exposure.
  9. Whenever I launch a new product, I will promote it to my list via partner links**! 

* The rotator is a link that cycles through partner links. If 15 partners are participating, then each partner's Passiveclass link will be seen once every 15 exposures. The more partners, the better. You'll receive a lower percentage of exposures, but a much higher volume... especially considering the fact that I reinvest all of my profits into more traffic. :)

** Just as with the Passiveclass rotator link, I give my partners the opportunity to enter their affiliate links for my new launches into a rotator, as well. Then, as I send out my 5-7 broadcast messages promoting my new launch (to thousands upon thousands of subscribers), my partners' links will be the links getting clicked on and purchased through.

Plus, I Will Continually Optimize Everything for Greater and Greater Results Over Time!


Q: Lee, if I'm going to buy $1000 worth of solo ads, won't I be better off just sending it all to my own squeeze page? Why would I pay you $1000 to send it to yours? Won't I receive fewer opt-ins that way?

A: That's a short-term view. Not only that, it's a misguided one. One warm lead is better than twenty cold ones... and that's not even the math we're dealing with. You may get 20% fewer opt-ins if they go through me first. But those who do opt-in to your list will be 50% more ready to take action and make you money.

In other words, the leads you're losing are better off being lost. :)

And the leads you're gaining will be much higher-quality leads after going through my warm-up process than they normally would have been without.

But even this only addresses the immediate situation. Beyond the traffic you've purchased, you're now in numerous different rotators (Passiveclass and each of my future launches) and you're receiving ongoing traffic from both other partners and, more powerfully, myself!

Q: So I'm Just Promoting Passiveclass?

A: Negative, Ghost Rider. You're just using Passiveclass in the way that it was designed to be used... as your own personal lead capture hub. The benefits you receive from promoting Passiveclass are that I promote all of the upgrades for you for 10 consecutive days.

But the actual email list you build is yours to do with as you will. I help you with this, by the way... and even give you all of the emails you will ever need to make a killing!

Q: If a Hundred Partners Are In Your Rotators, Won't My Exposure Be Super Diluted?

A: If a thousand partners are in my rotators, your exposure won't be diluted. And that's because the amount of traffic being generated will be absolutely obscene! This means that a thousand different people have bought solo ads of $1000 or more.

This means literally MILLIONS of new leads coming in.

Remember too that I am, for an entire year, reinvesting 100% of all profits that I personally generate into solo ads of my own. And ALL of this traffic will hit the rotators too!

Finally, let me clarify once again that the traffic YOU purchased will ALL be sent to YOUR Passiveclass lead capture system from the thank-you page, which is where the bulk of the conversions will happen in the first place. You won't share that exposure with anyone.

You bought it. It's yours. :)

Q: Lee, From Your Thank-You Page, Do You Send Traffic Elsewhere?

A: No. Never. I will only send the traffic that you buy to your Passiveclass lead capture page. That's my promise to you. In my emails, I eventually do promote only self-serving offers. But even then, into the future, I also promote my own product launches. And when I do so, I'm doing so through YOUR affiliate links! You need only be an active partner. :)

Q: This Seems Too Good to Be True. What's the Catch?

A: Listen, you help me grow my own business, I move mountains to help you grow yours. What's right is right. There's absolutely no catch whatsoever.

Yes, I want your money. And I want it so that I can buy traffic that will make us both an absolute fortune! And I want you to keep coming back for more and more traffic, and for more and more of your links in my rotators (dang, that sounded dirty). Trust me, earning your long-term participation is my top priority with this, and I'm confident that I'll do just that.

Q: So the More Partners You Sign Up, the More Money I Make?

A: Yes, and on many levels. Firstly, more partners directly equals more traffic hitting my email follow-up series, which promotes the rotator that your Passiveclass link happens to live within. But secondly (and more importantly), it earns me more money. And I, over the course of a year, am investing 100% of my profits into more traffic...

Literally all of which goes into the same funnel that promotes your links!

Plus, the more partners I have, the larger my list grows. And like I've already mentioned, each time I launch a new product, I won't be promoting it via the raw URL. I'll be promoting it via my product rotator link... which your affiliate link will be featured in.

More partners equals a MUCH bigger list. Not just because of my partners' traffic, but because of my ever-growing traffic! This is extra. Me sending more traffic doesn't require your rotator exposure percentage to decrease. It's just FREE traffic for you, and lots of it!

Q: Sounds great, Lee. But where are you buying this traffic from?

A: Various solo ad sellers. I've got my own list of top-converters, but I'm always trying new sources. For those who have proven themselves high-converting and profitable, I will purchase larger packages. For those who I'm trying out, I'll buy smaller packages.

Also, if you have any preferred traffic sources, just let me know... and that's where I'll put your money! Again, I'm providing a service here that extends well-beyond just buying a solo ad for you. In fact, the solo ads you buy are really just the very tip of the iceberg! :)

I'll be sending you consistent, significant traffic and promoting products through your affiliate links for as long as you're a partner. Your solo ad simply sets things in motion.

There's nothing else like this.

A: Wow! This keeps getting better. But what happens when my partnership expires?

So, if you invest at the $10,000 level, for example, then at the end of one year, you will be given every opportunity to renew your partnership. You'll simply buy another solo ads package through me (same level options - $1000/mo, $5500/6mos., $10,000/year)...

And your links will remain in all of my rotators. Also, you'll get to benefit from all of the split-testing and conversion boosting I've been performing over the past year. :)

If you decide not to invest again, then your links will simply be removed from rotation.

Q: Okay, and what if I want to buy more traffic while I'm still a partner?

A: Please do! If, for example, you purchased $5500 worth of traffic and are in my rotators for six months, but two months in you decide to invest another $5500, then I will simply add your links into my rotators again, for double the exposure/traffic.

For example, if you, John, Cindy, Raul, and Anna are all in the rotator, then your link gets 1/5 of the exposure. But if you purchase another traffic package, I'll add you into the rotator again, so it's now you, John, Cindy, you, Raul, and Anna. Now your link gets 2/6 - or 1/3 - of the ongoing traffic.

Make sense?

As far as the duration of your partnership is concerned (given the "$5500 level repurchase two months in" example above), our first partnership agreement will still expire four months after your new purchase, but your new one is good for the full six months, as per usual. You can do this as many times as you like! The more you do, the more we all win. :)

Q: Can you guarantee conversions and sales?

A: Not contractually. There is no money-back guarantee. That would be insane, as a "refund" would have to come out of my own pocket. Remember, I don't pocket any of the funds you give me. I invest 100% into traffic. So if the traffic sellers don't offer guarantees, nor can I.

However, please understand that I'm going to move mountains to purchase only the best traffic... and to make it convert like crazy! Remember, we're working together here. I want you to make as much money as possible... as quickly as possible!

And I want you to reinvest a portion of it into more and more traffic with me. I want your business and participation long term. So I do guarantee that you'll get better results investing your money with me than you would buying traffic on your own.

Likely much, much, much better results!

Q: Can you explain the rotators to me again please?

A: Certainly! There will be a few. The first will be for your Passiveclass lead capture system. Your squeeze page link will be added to my ClickMagick rotator. I share this single link with my email subscribers via my own follow-up emails. Each time the link is clicked, one participant's link will be accessed. The next time it's clicked, the next participant's link will be.

The more people who participate, the lower your exposure percentage will be, but the higher the volume of traffic will be. And the higher the traffic volume is, the more money I personally make. And as I'm reinvesting 100% of all my affiliate and vendor profits back into traffic...

And sending ALL of this traffic into our mutual funnel...

You will ultimately receive a ridiculous amount of ongoing traffic. And it will increase over time, as I launch more products, get more partners, and earn more money.

So the Passiveclass rotator is the first rotator. Next are the affiliate rotators. Whenever I launch a new product, I will create a rotator full of my partners' affiliate links for that product. Then, as per usual, I will blast out 5-7 broadcast emails to my entire list, linking to the new product via my affiliate rotator link. You will make sales!

Then, to encourage my partners to stay with me long term, I will add these same emails to my follow-up series, keeping the rotator link intact.

I hope I explained this well. If you still have questions, hit me up at lee@leemurray.com

Q: So when I pay you for traffic, you send this traffic to a Passiveclass rotator?

A: No, not initially. I only promote the Passiveclass rotator via my email follow-ups (and in my blog posts, products, download pages, etc.) - I directly promote your squeeze page at the initial point of conversion.

In other words, when I buy traffic with your money, I send them to my opt-in page. On my thank-you page, I warm them up to Passiveclass, and then send them to your opt-in page to continue. Once they opt in to your list, they're presented with my Passiveclass "sales" page, where they join for free - and are presented with 10 days of upgrade opportunities...

All via your affiliate links!

Also, I bump all partners' Passiveclass commissions to 100% across the entire funnel. So you will make a fair bit of your investment back from this alone.

But for those who didn't opt in to your list to continue the Passiveclass process, they will still receive follow-up emails from me which entice them to take action. These emails will contain the Passiveclass rotator link.

But even if some folks NEVER opt in to your list, you will still very likely be making money from my list as I promote my products via those particular rotators (which, as described above, will include your affiliate links)...

So you just can't stop winning. :)

Q: Do you have any packages smaller than $1000?

A: I don't think small. I don't act small. Neither should you, especially when it comes to list building. The more people you can put on your list in the shortest period of time, the more money you'll make... and the more quickly you can scale.

$1000 is cheap, honestly. It's likely to put 500-1000 new subscribers on your list. That's not many, and is not likely to result in much income. You'll mostly be earning your money from being in my product rotators at this level. Which is great! But ideally, you'll build a massive list of your own. $5500 should put 3000-5000 people on your list.

A list of 5000 is still considered small, but can definitely make you some ongoing sales.

The $10,000 level is honestly what I recommend. And remember, you're not paying me 10 grand. I keep absolutely NONE of your money. I won't even buy a Starbucks coffee with it.

Every penny you invest goes toward getting YOU traffic. And the more traffic you can get in the shortest period of time will only serve you. $10,000 will likely get you 6000-10,000 subscribers... which can actually generate a nice little income for you!

Also, it puts you in my rotators for a full year! Remember, this business only grows, it never stagnates. Just being in my rotators for a year is guaranteed to make you money. 

Q: Okay, so do you have anything larger than $10,000?

A: Yes, if you wanna go big and build the type of list that generates a full-time income, I will offer a $25,000 level, which will obviously get you $25,000 worth of traffic, and put you in all of my rotators for a full THREE YEARS.

If interested, contact me at lee@leemurray.com

Q: Do I have to promote Passiveclass to my new subscribers?

A: No, not at all! If you have another list you're trying to build, a biz-opp that you're trying to get folks involved in, or any other business or income source that you're currently trying to grow, that's absolutely fine. I'm flexible when it comes to the initial offer. We'll make it happen.

But, you'll still want to enter your Passiveclass lead capture link into the rotator, as I can't add your independent offer into my email follow-ups. There, I'll still be promoting Passiveclass, and I'd like for you to get the traffic you deserve.

Q: Will I have any expenses beyond the traffic?

A: Yes, but they're minimal. Really, the 2-3 expenses I would recommend that you incur are an autoresponder (obviously), ClickMagick (if you want to do your own tracking), and an upgraded account at MyOnlineStart.com (if you choose to promote it).

Only the first of these is required. You need an autoresponder. Every online business worth its salt has one. If you don't have an autoresponder, you don't have a business.

Beyond that, I'm happy to host all of your pages for you. No problem there.

Q: After I buy traffic through you, what more is required of me?

A: Your whole job will be to add emails to your follow-up series. The more emails, the better. What's cool is that, as my partner, you also receive free membership into my Email Club, and you get all of my DFY email packages... 

You need only load them into your autoresponder and add your affiliate links.

That's really your whole job. And buying more traffic (through me, ideally), if you can afford to do so. Or, you can venture out and start working for free traffic (blogging, forum marketing, YouTube marketing, classifieds, product launches, etc.) to send to either your funnel or mine.

I always recommend sending it to mine, as you'll still get plenty of opt-ins and get the benefits of my marketing, which will promote the rotator links that you've got stock in. Make sense?

Of course, if you're going to send your own traffic into my funnel, please tell me first so that I can create a new tracking link for you. It's nice to know which of your traffic sources are converting for you.

Q: Can you walk me through everything one final time?

A: Happy to, amigo!

First, you buy traffic through me. I send this traffic to my funnel, which immediately redirects them to your opt-in page to begin a very powerful process. You're also instantly added into all of my rotators, which I will promote to my own list, which you've just helped me to build.

These rotators will, over time earn you more and more subscribers, and lots of nice affiliate commissions. And trust me, you will earn affiliate commissions. When I promote my stuff to my lists, it's like a feeding frenzy. :)

As your email list continues to grow, your email follow-up series will continue to earn you affiliate commissions on whatever products you choose. It's your list, do with it as you may.

But also, if you've promoted Passiveclass (recommended), your subscribers will also be receiving daily emails from me, prompting them to take advantage of our five upgrades, each of which you will earn 100% commissions on! And this is just an added perk. :)

Whenever you choose to purchase more traffic, be sure to do so through me again. This will earn you another link in my rotators, for double the exposure, double the ongoing leads, and double the income. You're truly winning all over the place!

Q: Got it, Lee. And what are your packages again?

$1000 - Gets you $1000 in traffic and one month in my rotators.

$5500 - Gets you $5500 in traffic and six months in my rotators.

$10,000 - Gets you $10,000 in traffic and one year in my rotators.

NEW! $25,000 - Gets you $25,000 in traffic and THREE YEARS in my rotators!

Q: Wow Lee, this really is the greatest offer on Earth! How do I begin?

A: Just reach out. Let's chat! The best way to reach me is through email.

lee@leemurray.com  |   lee@passiveclass.com  |   lee@affiliatepsycho.com

©2021 Lee Murray