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Hello and Welcome!

This page is pretty simple and straightforward.

I won't be adding any images, as I intend to make this a large resource, full of links to cool traffic videos created by other highly-successful online marketers. As such, I want this page to load quickly. Images would slow it down.

I'll be sharing these marketers' YouTube videos, offering you my 2 cents, and then sharing any relevant links with you, so that you can be up and running quickly with any of the traffic methods that appeal to you.

In other words, this will simply be a collection of links. Hope you can dig it.

On the left side of the page, I'll be sharing FREE traffic strategies. On the right, paid. There may be some crossover. For example, you can post on the WarriorForum for FREE, but you may have to PAY to activate your account and showcase a hyperlinked signature. Once you PAY, it's FREE. :)

But I'd still classify forum marketing as a FREE traffic method, and therefore would put it in the left column. 

With that, let's begin...

FREE Traffic Methods:

Paid Traffic Methods:

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