Welcome to Passiveclass!


Welcome to Passiveclass, and thank you so much for joining me here.

If you haven’t already joined me for the 10-day video coaching program that walks you from A to Z through the process of building an email list and using said list to set yourself free, then please go here now.

Get yourself signed up (it costs nothing) and get started building a wildly profitable online business for yourself today. 🙂

The purpose of this blog is really to document my own results for you, so that you can see what’s really possible when you take plenty of consistent, focused action to turn your dreams into reality.

In my very next post, which I’ll go ahead and link to in advance, I’ll begin my “2 Million Subscribers In 18 Months” challenge.

I think the name speaks for itself. 🙂

To learn how much money a person can make with a list of 2 million subscribers, and to begin this wild journey with me, go ahead and click this link to join along.

It’s bound to be a heck of a ride, amigo. 🙂

Again, Do These Two Things…

  1. Sign Up for Passiveclass Here>>
  2. Visit My First “2 Million Subs” Post Here>>

See you there, and again, thanks so much for joining me here today.

All the best to you,

Lee Murray

3 Comments on “Welcome to Passiveclass!”

  1. Hey Lee,
    I need some cash in two days. Im ready to work. Bought Psyco. Working Passiveclass. On day two. Taking every action you tell me to.

    Marisa Sage Rowe

  2. Am I coming into the beginning of a 10 day class ? or does the class come later? My experience in this biz has not been great, so I am looking for a soft kick in the ass.

    Ready to go!


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